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grazulis's Journal

6 July 1973
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July23rd... the GRAZULIS CUT-UP ENGINE recently moved to http://gary.leeming.googlepages.com/cutup . fear not, it stlii exists.

This is a new account. April 24. Cut up and cut apart as many lines of words as often as possible. Your own or others'. I think computer generated poetry P g et generated nerated but still fanciful. - Thi -A poetry fest/p;s sadly limiting to discuss iety if you think your poetry ha. erated tape and two for further explor cted to Amax xt ome to the Poe the pe this is not, however, th long ago is boring? I am myself for hours playing with cut-up engines, and weak, lame ass translation generators.

Do Googlesearch "cut-up machine", a cut-up generator.

www.tashian.com/multibabel in a good translation engine which translates the two directions of english as much as into various languages and then back again. It is rad.

computer generated poetry based on google search results, like use, leevilehto.net/google/google.asp. It is .

Languageisavirus.com- It has kind generators to play.

ba ba blacksheephace you any wool? Etcetera.

I I in desolated corner the mid-western Southwest, Northwest, New England I . would like to.