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the 23rd Google

April 25th, 2006 (02:41 am)

i found this through a link provided by another user on i think it was the babelogue group. The link was to www.wittenburgdoor.com/archives/23rd_google.html. They "babelized" the 23rd psalm. Now if they would only do the same with the entire bible, i might finaly be able to read the damn thing in its entierity!

You shepherd is mine, me will
not miss anything

You downward inserted me in
the grassy grass;

You find me the quiet 
swimming pools for drinking.

Let me catch my breath before
you send me in the right 

When walking inside the 
valley of the shade where I am 

I do not possess the fear of
badness, for you is with me;

Your bar and your personnel
are there to calm me.

From the front of the mine a 
hostile presence spreads
before me like a board.

You spilled oil on my head, my
cup is overtaxed.

Your beauty and love drive out
after me each day of my life.

As for me. I'll live certainly
permanently in the house of
the main thing.